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Can I print my brand logo on the clothes?

Title Q: Can I print my brand logo on the clothes?A: Of course you can, we support a custom service. However, before printing you will need to provide a pdf file of your logo, the higher the resolution of the logo the better.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail:

How much is the sample shipping cost?

A: How much is the sample shipping cost?B: Our samples are mainly delivered by DHL, the price varies according to the DHL region and there are additional fuel charges.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail:

Can I get a refund for my sample fee?

A:If i order a bulk order,can I get a refund for my sample fee?B:The sample fee is refundable, but is only valid in the following case The sample fee is not refundable if the number of orders is less than 300 pieces  If the number of orders is higher than 300 pieces, one sample fee can be refunded.  For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail:

I submitted an inquiry on this website, when will I get a reply?

A:I submitted an inquiry on this site, when will I get a reply?B:We receive many inquiry emails a day, we usually reply you within 1-2 working days, if you still haven't got a reply after this time, you can contact us via whatsapp and we will reply you as soon as possible! Contact information:E-mail:


Title 1. What is HC activewear’s MOQ?100 pcs, mixed with 1 color and 4 sizes to meet the needs of more new and old customers and combine our own production. 2. How is MOQ calculated?A. According to the amount of fabric used in different clothes, a roll of cloth can make about 80-100 pieces.B.Production costs. The machine can be processed in large quantities at one time. No matter how much it is, the operating cost of the machine is the same.Therefore,the lower the quantity, the higher the unit price of the product.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail:

Why Choose Hucai Activewear As Your Private Label Activewear Manufacturer?

Why Choose Hucai Activewear As Your Private Label Activewear Manufacturer? Hucai has a team of passionate and talented designers with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and facilities. We have the advantage to provide you with one-stop OEM/ODM private label fitness clothing. The main products are: sports bra, tank tops, T shirts, hoodies, leggings, shorts, sweatpants, tennis dress, soccer apparel and so on.Accessories and Labeling Options: Custom wash labels, tagging, tapes, and more, we're happy to develop these for you. We, Hc activewear are recognized as the industry leading manufacturer of fitness clothing. We provide complete OEM/ODM service. We are a wholesale activewear industry and trade manufacturer. With a very professional sales team, we can provide good pre-sales and after-sales services. We work with brands all over the world, some of which have been around for years and some are just getting started. If you want to know more details, please contact us, we will determine the cooperation method according to your specific needs. Contact information:E-mail:

Are There Any Recommended Wholesale Manufacturers Of Custom Cycling Apparel?

Are There Any Recommended Wholesale Manufacturers Of Custom Cycling Apparel? This is our Hucai activewear . We are an experienced gym wear manufacturer that can design and produce cycling wear, running wear, yoga wear, and all other sports apparel for small companies, organizations, clubs, teams, schools, and online or offline stores. Hucai also supports fitness apparel customization, mass production and global shipping. If you are looking for a bulk cycling apparel manufacturer, Hc activewear is one of your best choices in China. We not only offer you custom cycling jerseys, but also personalised cycling shorts with a MOQ of 200 pcs. Additionally, we support logo design, logo printing, specialty label design and label manufacturing. That said, we can help you create your own cycling apparel brand. To learn more, please contact us. Our cycling apparel can be suitable for individuals, clubs, teams, or groups, and we will customize cycling jerseys and other workout clothes for you at the right wholesale price because we make them in our own factory! Contact information:E-mail:

About Custom Printing Of Gym Clothes

About Custom Printing Of Gym Clothes Hc activewear is a leading manufacturer of fitness clothing, using the latest technology to customize printing for fitness clothing. Check out our craftsmanship and learn more about us. Does it fit your mind as a gym clothes manufacturer ? Sublimation printing-Hc activewear uses the latest sublimation technology to provide you with world-class gym clothes. Your design is first to print on a roll of paper using sublimation ink, and then the printed paper and fabric are fused at high temperatures. Screen printing-Hc activewear provides you with the best customized gym clothing screen printing service for your sports bra, leggings, shorts, hoodies, tennis skirt, and all other types of sports and leisure clothing. Cutting and sewing-we can meet all your requirements for cutting and sewing fitness clothes, design perfect patterns, involving your products, pictures, and even sketches. Not only that, the original pattern can also be customized according to your size. Embroidery appliques-this technique is very effective, when you want to add a brand to your T-shirt, sweater, etc., it is a multi-color logo or decorative design. Custom printing-no matter what your sport is, we customize printing for all kinds of gym clothes. We create professional, unique and attractive patterns for your team.  Contact information:E-mail:

What Are The Tips For Choosing Sports Tank Tops?

What Are The Tips For Choosing Sports Tank Tops? During exercise, the body has a wide range of exercise and sweating. Sports tank tops can fix body parts well and quickly absorb sweat. These are not available in ordinary tank tops. Everyone's physical condition, exercise program and amount of exercise are different. So don't just be limited to a certain type of tank top. So how to choose? Hc activewear shared some selection tips, hoping to help business owners custom sports tank tops. 1. Choose moisture-wicking and breathable fabricsWhen it comes to sports tank top, many people think that cotton is the first choice. But in fact, cotton fabrics are hard to wick away perspiration and become heavy and uncomfortable, making your exercise worse. If you consider the sweat-absorption needs of sports, then it is not recommended that you choose to use pure cotton fabrics. Choose to use composite fabrics, such as Lycra, bamboo fiber, modal, polyester and spandex fabrics, which can better keep your body dry during exercise. 2. Color selectionThe light-colored sports tank top looks sunny and active, but there is one thing that must not be forgotten. After a lot of sweating, the light-colored sports tank top sweats very obviously, especially white and gray. Therefore, if you often sweat during strenuous exercise, remember not to choose a light-colored sports tank top. It is recommended to choose dark colors such as black and brown. 3. Shoulder strap width should be suitableIf you are doing low- and medium-intensity exercises (such as yoga, badminton, tennis, etc.), you can consider choosing a tank top with a slightly narrower strap. For example, running, basketball, aerobics, etc., it is recommended that you choose a type of hurdle vest, which looks similar to the upper part of the hurdle vest, shoulder width, and will not feel pain after a long time. Summary: The choice of sports tank top cannot be generalized. It is not only necessary to recommend simple models and brands. The selection should be based on the characteristics of the sports tank top and its own situation. HUCAI can provide users with a variety of options. Our private label tank top uses high-quality materials and reasonable tailoring design. If you have this requirement, you can search for related products on our website to find it. If you are interested in our sports tank tops wholesale, please contact us immediately! Contact information:E-mail:

As An Activewear Manufacturer, Do You Have An Advantage In Developing Popular Styles?

As An Activewear Manufacturer, Do You Have An Advantage In Developing Popular Styles? Of course, the answer is yes. We have an unparalleled ability to provide you with the best customized workout clothes to ensure that it attracts your customers. We have the following advantages when developing popular styles: Free design consultation  Good quality activewear You have complete creative control over design elements, logos and colors Charges are required for samples, and the specific charges depend on the design. But when each order exceeds 300 pieces, a sample fee can be refunded. beg to be excused Sample delivery time is 12-15 days You can design your own fitness clothes because we have our own design department Make your own fitness suit technology package or tell us the design you want Printed patterns that will not peel or split, fabrics with high color fastness, etc. Customize good quality activewear according to your requirements The appearance and quality are awesome! We have a long-term collection of various trend elements, from styles to fabrics, and design workout clothes series. Our work efficiency and product quality can be seen everywhere. If you are interested in our fitness clothing products, please contact hc activewear. With our rich manufacturing experience and a large number of self-branded fitness clothing catalogs, we can meet your needs. what are you waiting for? Contact information:E-mail:

What Is The Process Of Creating A Personalized Low-Volume Custom Activewear?

What Is The Process Of Creating A Personalized Low-Volume Custom Activewear? If you are looking for personalized low-volume custom activewear, you can create it in two ways. 1. If you don't know exactly what you are looking for, you can find the latest wholesale activewear catalog of Hucai activewear. Our experienced designers have created stunning designs designed to add luster to your store! 2. If you are a professional designer or have your own ideas, all you need to do is to simply send us a technical package, which can be a sketch, a drawing, or a reference sample. Once your design has been created, you can order samples to see the quality, materials and appearance. The average sample fee is US$70. When you place an order of 300 pieces, the sample fee can be fully refunded. Are you browsing this news, do you have a need to create personalized, small-batch workout clothes? If so, please be sure to get in touch with the best activewear manufacturer from Dongguan, China. It can not only provide high-quality fitness clothes, but also show the latest trends and fashionable fitness clothes with novel designs. Contact information:Website:'s App: 86 134 3126 1831

What Services Are Offered By HC Activewear And How To Choose?

What Services Are Offered By HC Activewear And How To Choose? What Services Does HC Activewear Provide? HC Activewear offers two main services: 1. OEM service 2. ODM services   For OEM Services, you need to send us your Tech Pack, which contains the information needed to create custom activewear. It can be hand-drawn, a model, a sketch, a reference sample, etc. Let us know what you want. We will go through all details such as fabric, color, size, design, logo technique and then proceed to sample and bulk order.   For ODM services, it is for those who want to add their standards to the designs already made. These designs are in our our catalogue, which is updated regularly.   So which one is right for me? It depends on your type.   If you are a branded wholesaler and distributor and want to bring your technology package to reality, our OEM service is for you.   If you are a web celebrity, you can browse our Private Label Activewear directory or add your logo to popular styles. At the same time we can also design a collection according to your style. Our ODM service is also for you.   You can do both at the same time! If you are still not sure, please contact us, we will do our best to meet your requirements.Case :   You can contact us in the following ways:Website:'s App: 86 134 3126 1831

How To Start Your Own Activewear Brand/Series

How To Start Your Own Activewear Brand/Series First think of a great name. If you are a graphic designer, you can create a great logo. If you don’t find a good one, pay him what he wants so that people will fall in love with your brand. You may not know the process of making clothes, so you can ask private label activewear manufacturer Hucai for help. They provide private customized solutions for brand owners, Internet celebrities, and wholesalers. Try it boldly

How Long Is The Delivery Time?

Generally speaking, our delivery time is 25-35 days after the production sample is confirmed.However, it also depends on the product design, the fabrics used and the craftsmanship involved.For example, custom fabrics, complex prints and multiple stitches may require longer delivery times.