How to Clean Yoga Clothes of Different Fabrics?

How to Clean Yoga Clothes of Different Fabrics?


Yoga clothes are essential clothing for us to perform yoga exercises, This article will specifically introduce the cleaning methods of yoga clothes of different fabrics.

Different yoga clothes have different characteristics, and we have to adopt different cleaning methods according to the different fabrics of yoga. The following is the cleaning method of yoga clothes of different fabrics.


100% cotton


Fabric characteristics: good moisture absorption, hygienic and comfortable to wear, breathable, sweat absorbing, good dyeing performance, soft luster.


Washing instructions: Hand-washed and machine-washed, and should be dried in the shade. Not easy to be washed with chlorine, not easy to soak for a long time, and not easy to wring dry.


92% polyester + 8% spandex


Fabric characteristics: The fabric has good elasticity and a good drape. It feels fine and soft, has good durability, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, and good resilience.


Washing instructions: Do not use fabric softener. Wash inside and outside, and wash dark and light clothes separately. Only use a mild detergent.


88% cotton fiber + 12% spandex


Fabric characteristics: high elastic strength, no deformation, good abrasion resistance, warmth and light resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, low density, comfortable and light to wear.


Washing instructions: machine wash in cold water, not dry clean. Wash inside and outside, and wash dark and light clothes separately. Do not bleach, do not iron.


55% linen+45% viscose


Fabric characteristics: good air permeability, strong sweat absorption, cool and crisp, not close to the body, light texture, strong, less classic, suitable for human skin excretion and secretion.


Washing instructions: Hand wash in cold water, iron with a cloth. Do not use bleach and do not wring out.


95% viscose + 5% spandex


Fabric characteristics: good elasticity, good drape, light and comfortable to wear, smooth and cool.


Washing instructions: machine wash in cold water, not dry clean. Do not soak for a long time, wash inside and outside. Wash dark and light clothes separately do not bleach, and iron at low temperature.


After we wash the yoga workout clothes, we can dry them in a cool place, do not iron them, and expose them to the sun. And it's best to hang it horizontally on a hanger. Conventional drying methods will make yoga clothes easily deformed.


The fabric of the yoga clothes set is more exquisite and different from other clothes, so we should pay special attention to it when we clean. If you feel that the above content does not fully help you, you can get more information and solutions about yoga clothes by contacting us. We also have related products and customized services that can meet your purchase needs for yoga clothes.


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