Different Materials and Characteristics of Yoga Clothes

Different Materials and Characteristics of Yoga Clothes


it is very important to choose the fabric of yoga clothes. The following are the different materials and characteristics of yoga clothes.

Different Materials and Characteristics of Yoga Clothes
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Because yoga clothes have high requirements for stretchability and elasticity, it is very important to choose the material of yoga clothes. There are many types of the fabric selected for yoga clothes, and the characteristics of different materials are also different. The following are the different materials and characteristics of yoga clothes.


90% nylon + 10% spandex


Tactel fiber and Lycra fiber blended high-stretch fabric will not cause color fading, bleaching, deformation, and other phenomena. At the same time, it has a good moisture-wicking effect, and it will last for a long time after repeated washing.


Linen + X% cotton


Flax is a kind of plant fiber, which can be used as a textile material. The blended fabric of flax and cotton can give us a new feeling of wearing. It not only has the breathability of hemp, but also the sweat absorption of cotton. The moisture absorption rate of linen fabric is 7.6 times that of polyester fabric, and the air permeability is 4.5 times that of polyester fabric. The antistatic property is 400 times that of polyester fabric, and it has good antibacterial properties, which is the most hygienic fiber. But because linen is not easy to color, the color of linen is particularly uncomfortable, which is one of the reasons why linen is not popular.


Viscose +% 5 spandex


Viscose fiber is also called rayon, ice silk, and viscose filament. In recent years, a new high-end variety of viscose fiber called Tencel and bamboo fiber has appeared. Viscose fiber is a cellulose fiber produced from cotton or other natural fibers.


Among the main textile fibers, the moisture content of viscose fiber best meets the physiological requirements of human skin and has the characteristics of smooth and cool, breathable, antistatic, and colorful dyeing.


Silk cotton


The silk cotton yoga workout clothes have good air permeability, which is very suitable for us to wear in summer. In addition, the silk cotton yoga clothes also have good moisture absorption and warmth retention.


The main component of silk is the animal protein fiber, which contains dozens of amino acids. Therefore, the mulberry silk cotton contact with the human body can make the skin smooth and clean, promote the metabolism of the human epidermal cells, and have a health care effect on the skin.


When we choose yoga clothes set, its material should be our first consideration. If you want to know more about yoga clothes after reading the above content, you can contact us for more information and solutions. At the same time, our yoga clothes have high-quality fabrics and are comfortable to wear, which can meet your purchase needs.


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