What Should A Novice Yoga Player Pay Attention To?

What Should A Novice Yoga Player Pay Attention To?


Nine tips for novice yoga,This article will specifically introduce different tips for sportswear, which will be of great help to your sportswear

What Should A Novice Yoga Player Pay Attention To?

What Should A Novice Yoga Player Pay Attention To?

1. Its really important to choose a yoga suit that suits you.


A good sports yoga suit can allow your body to move freely, avoid your body and breathing being restricted, relax your body and mind and feel good, which can help you enter the yoga state more quickly. You must refuse to buy yoga clothes of poor quality. Otherwise, when you are doing yoga, you will not be able to hear the main points and commands because of the unsuitable clothes. So how can you have the mind to learn?


There is another suggestion. When beginners choose a yoga mat, it is recommended to choose the entry-level one, which is a little thicker and moderately soft and hard. Don't just buy the advanced one. It is best to buy the one with the posture line. Kind, because this can help you understand whether the asana is in place!


2. Do not eat too much before practicing yoga, otherwise it is really easy to throw up!


Everyone knows that most of the yoga movements are centered on the spine, so the burden on our intestines and stomach should not be too heavy. If you eat too much before the exercise, you may be overburdened by the stomach and intestines during the exercise, resulting in nausea, dizziness, and even vomiting. And because eating immediately will cause a large amount of blood to flow to the stomach, the blood in the heart will be greatly reduced, which will also increase the burden on the heart.


3. It is important to remember to warm up before doing yoga!


Use the rollers to relax your body before practicing yoga, so that your body can adapt slowly. This is the best practice method step by step. Don't start doing difficult movements as soon as you come up. This will easily cause sports injuries.

Really, this beginner must remember! !

This is very, very important! ! !


4. Do not rush for success when practicing yoga


Practicing yoga is not a one-step exercise! Adjusting your mentality is also a very important process! At the beginning of learning, the breathing rhythm must not be well mastered. Don’t worry at this time. Listen to the teacher’s command and proceed slowly. It is like doing the downward dog pose because the muscles are hard and the heel cannot completely press the ground. In fact, we also It can be achieved with assistive devices. It does not have to be as standard as a skilled person. At the beginning, you only need to do it yourself. In fact, practicing with assistive devices is really a good practice method for beginners.


5. To give the body a process of adaptation


Remember, we must do what we can! Novices who practice yoga should not be impulsive like "beating chicken blood". Don't practice a few classes a day. Otherwise, within a week, your muscles will be sore for a long time, and your body will become weak and weak. At this time, you need to recuperate. After a long time, you may not want to practice anymore!

In fact, when beginners start practicing, they must give the body a process of adapting. Practice the next day. After the body is fully adapted, you can start to try daily practice. Really don't be too hasty.


6. Can't take a bath immediately after yoga


This is really very, very important, so be sure to write it down!

After practicing yoga, the body will sweat a lot. At this time, the capillaries are in a state of expansion. If you take a bath directly, the capillaries will contract rapidly. Then it is really easy to have headaches and black eyes. in this way. It is best to rest for half an hour before washing, and the bath water is best to be warm water.


7. Drink less or no water during yoga


Before practice, we can drink some water in moderation, but try not to drink it during practice. If you really can’t help it, just use a small amount for several times. If you can avoid it, avoid it. It is recommended that you rest for 15 to 20 minutes before you can replenish a lot of water. Of course, if you are a hot yoga practitioner, you can ignore this!


8. Beginners should not practice blindly by themselves


At the beginning, beginners try not to follow the videos or books to learn by themselves, because at this time, they really don’t understand anything, and they are likely to hurt their body, so they should practice under the professional guidance of the teacher as much as possible, and then wait until they understand it. , We choose to practice some very basic stretching poses at home


9. Remember to end your yoga practice in a stretch position


Usually at the end of the class, the teacher will ask to end the teaching of this class with a stretching posture. At this time, you can relax yourself and breathe slowly and regularly. This feeling is really great, as long as you experience it carefully Will know!

There is also a point of special attention. If you have high blood pressure and heart disease practitioners, it is best to consult a doctor and ask if you can do yoga! ! !


This is my nine-point experience, and I hope it will be helpful to beginners.


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