What is the Difference Between a Sports Bra and a Normal Bra?

What is the Difference Between a Sports Bra and a Normal Bra?


Sports bras are very different from ordinary bras in terms of fabric design and functional structure. This article will specifically introduce the difference between sports bras and ordinary bras.

What is the Difference Between a Sports Bra and a Normal Bra?
four points to illustrate the difference between sports bras and ordinary bras

The appearance and performance of sports bras are quite different from those of ordinary bras. Many women need special breast care during exercise, so sports bras have better stability functions than those usually worn. Mainly from the following four points to illustrate the difference between sports bras and ordinary bras.


Fabric composition


The fabrics of most professional sports bras on the market are mostly full nylon, polyester polyurethane, polyester nylon, etc. The fabrics have better abrasion resistance, and the dense texture can better tie the chest and avoid the suspensory ligament caused by the shaking of the chest. . Considering the moisture-wicking demand of sports, there will be some composite fabrics. For example, the cotton knitted structure close to the skin is mainly for absorbing sweat, and the outer layer is polyester and other chemical fiber fabrics for better sweat-wicking. What's different from everyday bras is that in order to keep the pores fresh and wick away sweat quickly, the inner lining and back structure of sports bras are mostly breathable meshes.


Fabric structure


Sports bras are mostly knitted structure, weft-knitted jerseys with good elasticity, rib structure, or warp-knitted mesh with good fixation. Ordinary bras are mostly elastic fibers or other materials, which are not as good as sports bras for breathability.


Dividing line


The chest dividing line of the core part of the sports bra is either a structural line that conforms to the trend of muscle movement, or it is to avoid the dividing line from rubbing against the chest and adopt a molded structure. Ordinary bras will pursue the outline of the chest shape, which results in the dividing line usually giving people larger constraints.


Functional structure design


Every detail of a sports bra is worthy of scrutiny. First of all, the shoulder straps are wider than ordinary bras, and the stitching lines are avoided as much as possible on the shoulder straps. Even if there are stitching lines, they are placed at the back of the middle (behind the shoulders). The purpose is to prevent friction between the shoulders and avoid the joints with the greatest range of motion. Place. The design of the back takes into account the anti-skid properties, which are the most stable structures such as I-shaped, composite, or cross. The edges of sports bras, such as the neckline and cuffs, will be wrapped. The purpose is to make the edges fit the body more smoothly and prevent the bra from running around. The lower part is wider in order to reduce the pressure of the bra on the chest and make it comfortable to wear. The part where the buckle loop contacts the skin will be covered with a layer of smooth fabric. If there is a dividing line inside the bra, dense needles or straps will be used to wrap the bra, the purpose is to reduce the friction on the body. The design of the adjusting buckle is mostly metal, and it is wider than the size of ordinary bras. Sports bras rarely have the hooks used on the back of ordinary bras, but mostly wide-sized "9" buckles. These details have fully considered the discomfort that may be caused during exercise.


Sports bras play a role in supporting and protecting the chest and can prevent injuries during exercise. Most ordinary bras are for plasticity and beauty. Wearing for a long time may be harmful to health. If you want to know the content of sports bras after reviewing the above content, you can contact us for a comprehensive solution.


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