4 Tips for Choosing a Sports Bra

4 Tips for Choosing a Sports Bra


The function of sports bras is to reduce the vibration of women's chest during exercise. This article will specifically introduce four tips for choosing a sports bra.

4 Tips for Choosing a Sports Bra
a few tips for choosing a sports bra

Women need to choose a suitable sports bra when exercising because they sweat a lot during exercise. A suitable sports bra can protect women's breasts and doesn't affect the state of exercise. Here are a few tips for choosing a sports bra.


Choose the style according to the chest shape


Different breast shapes should choose different designs.


In principle, women with smaller breasts should choose a compression style, usually a one-piece style with no seams in the middle. This style will flatten the breasts. Just keep them closer to each other to prevent shaking during exercise.


Women with larger breasts should choose a style with separate cups. Separate cups usually have elements of enhanced support, such as specially added stitches, it can allow the two breasts to stay in the cup separately and can reduce the shaking amplitude.


Don't choose a pure cotton sports bra


Sports bras made of pure cotton cloth are now very rare because pure cotton has a strong ability to absorb sweat. After being soaked in sweat, the bra will become heavy and will stick to the body after being soaked. 


Real sports bras must be made of chemical fiber fabrics with strong water absorption, and fabrics with different sweat absorption strengths are used according to the amount of sweat produced by different sports.


Sports bras shouldn’t cause any discomfort to the skin


Usually, sports bras are made of more than double layers of fabric. If they are made, they will pay special attention to the inner seams. They will not be too hard or thick. When the sports bra is tightly attached to the skin, it will not make you feel foreign. The more high-quality sports bra, the more it will make you unaware of its existence as if it is a part of your body.


If there is a zipper or hook on the sports bra, you should choose the one that does not directly touch the skin to avoid skin sensitivity or discomfort.


Choose according to the intensity of the exercise


The intensity of different exercises is different, and the impact on the body is also different. The more intense the exercise, the greater the damage to the chest, and the higher the requirements for the bra.


For example:  Walking, brisk walking, and yoga are relatively low in intensity, you can choose a low-intensity sports bra. Sports such as golf and spinning are medium-intensity, you can choose a medium-intensity or high-intensity sports bra. When running, whether it is jogging or fast running, is a high-intensity exercise. We suggest that you can choose a high-intensity sports bra.


So you need to judge the tightness and size of underwear we need to choose according to different sports.


The choice of a sports bra is very important because it is directly related to the health of women's breasts, we can fully consider the above factors when choosing. If you want to know more about sports bras after reading the above content, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.


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