Why Should Yoga Wear Use Pure Natural Fiber As Material

Why Should Yoga Wear Use Pure Natural Fiber As Material


Why Should Yoga Wear Use Pure Natural Fiber As Material

Now yoga clothes are becoming more and more popular, and gradually become people's sports and daily in the market. What problems should be paid attention to when choosing yoga clothes?


Yoga clothes are close-fitting clothes and sweat a lot when doing yoga exercises. How to make yoga clothes, the material is very important. Chemical fiber materials are commonly used fabrics in the miscellaneous yoga clothing market. When practicing yoga, it is easy to sweat, pores open, and some chemicals enter the skin, which affects health.


Good quality yoga clothes are usually made of pure natural fibers, such as bamboo fiber and cotton. Yoga clothing made of bamboo fiber is not only soft and breathable, but also has strong moisture absorption and antibacterial ability. They are currently the most suitable materials for making yoga clothes.


The characteristics of the fabric are the key to choosing yoga clothes, because yoga is a stretching exercise and a meditation exercise, so the overall dress code is relatively high. The fabric must be comfortable and unconstrained, and elasticity is more important.

Suitable fabrics for yoga include:

1. Viscose fiber + spandex (ie elasticity)

2. Polyester + spandex

3. Nylon + spandex

4. Cotton + spandex

5. Rib + spandex.

Each fabric has different characteristics. It can be seen that all fabrics have spandex components, and the price of adding spandex and non-spandex is also very different. The more spandex, the more expensive and more comfortable it is.

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