Why Do Women Have to Wear Sports Bras when Exercising?

Why Do Women Have to Wear Sports Bras when Exercising?


For women, wearing a sports bra during exercise can prevent chest injuries effectively. This article will specifically introduce the reasons why women must wear sports bras when exercising.

Why Do Women Have to Wear Sports Bras when Exercising?
a few tips for choosing a sports bra

For women, the bra worn in daily life is different from the bra worn for sports. Sports bra is a kind of underwear clothing that can be worn in public and can show the vitality of women. The following is the necessity for women to wear sports braswhen exercising.


For women, sports underwear is very important. The breast is mainly composed of fat, mammary glands and connective tissue. There are no muscles, only ligaments and skin play a supporting role, so there will be a painful feeling of pulling during exercise. At this time, sports underwear will play a very good protective role.


During exercise, high-support and stable sports underwear can relieve pain, and can also transfer and disperse the pressure on the chest and shoulders to the back and underarms, and improve our sports comfort.


However, we had better wear it only when exercising. Because sports bra needs to be changed and washed frequently, so as not to damage the quality of the bra if the sweat stays for too long, try to wash it when we are not exercising.


For different intensities of exercise, the choice of sports underwear is also different. Because of different exercise intensity, the chest needs different vibration absorption and support. For example, low-intensity exercises such as yoga do not shake the entire chest too much and require little support. Women can choose a variety of beautiful styles of lace-up sports bras. If the exercise intensity is relatively high, it is recommended to choose a vest-style sports bra for better support.


In addition, during exercise, we will shed a lot of sweat. Ordinary underwear is far less breathable and comfortable than sports underwear. Cotton underwear is not easy to discharge water after absorbing sweat, it will become very stuffy, provide soil for the growth of bacteria, and make women suffer from various inflammations and skin diseases. And it will increase friction and easily scratch the skin. The sports underwear is not only breathable, wicking and quick-drying, but also supports and stabilizes.


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