Which Fabric is Better for Sports Shorts?

Which Fabric is Better for Sports Shorts?


Only by choosing the right material for sports shorts, we can maintain a good state during exercise. Today, let’s talk about which fabric is most suitable for sports shorts.

Which Fabric is Better for Sports Shorts?
which fabric is most suitable for sports shorts

Sports shorts
 are a kind of sports pants, mainly suitable for running, fitness and other sports. There are many types of sports shorts on the market now, and there are many choices in terms of materials. Let's discuss with you which of the following fabrics are most suitable for sports shorts.


Sports shorts need to have the following properties in order to ensure that we maintain a good state of exercise:


1. Strong air permeability and moisture absorption


There will be a lot of sweating during exercise, so when choosing fabrics, we must consider the function of sweat absorption. This requires sports shorts to have strong breathability and moisture absorption. Even if you sweat a lot, you will not feel stuffy.


2. Elasticity


Generally, the range is relatively large during exercise. If the sports shorts do not have a certain degree of elasticity, they will be easily torn and affect normal exercise.


3. Quick-drying


The general sports shorts are made of quick-drying material, and even if they are soaked in sweat, they can be quickly dried.


In order to choose sportswear that is more suitable for us, we need to understand the following common sports shorts materials:


1. Pure cotton sports shorts


The sports shorts made of pure cotton have good comfort and skin-friendliness, and the breathability is also good, and they will not feel stuffy when sweating during exercise.


However, the disadvantage of pure cotton sports shorts is that the air permeability will become poor after sweat absorption. Some low-quality cotton sports shorts will also appear neps after washing, which causes the surface of the fabric to become rough.


2. Nylon sports shorts


Sports shorts made of nylon have the good abrasion resistance and elasticity. There will be no restraint when wearing sports, but they are prone to deformation.


3. Spandex sports shorts


Sports shorts made of spandex are not common. Spandex sports shorts have large stretchability, good shape retention, and no wrinkles, which feel soft and smooth.


4. Lycra sports shorts


Sports shorts made of Lycra fabric have high-quality elasticity, breathability, extensibility, and skin-friendliness, but Lycra sports shorts on the market are generally blended.


5. Polyester sports shorts


Sports shorts made of polyester are also relatively common. Its advantage is that the fabric is relatively light and will not hinder sports. The disadvantage is that the air permeability is relatively poor, and the comfort is relatively low compared to other materials.


In summary, we can know that sports shorts of different materials have different characteristics, and there is no absolute quality that is good or bad. The key is to combine our application scenarios and personal sports status to choose the right sports shorts. The sports shorts designed by HUCAI also give users a variety of choices in fabrics and have an absolute guarantee in quality, which can meet the diverse needs of users.


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