The Tips and Precautions of Cleaning Sportswear

The Tips and Precautions of Cleaning Sportswear


If the sportswear is not cleaned properly, it may damage the fibers and structure of the sportswear. This article will specifically introduce the skills and precautions for cleaning sportswear.

The Tips and Precautions of Cleaning Sportswear
 the skills and precautions for cleaning sportswear

The biggest role of sportswear is to maximize the potential of athletes when exercising and to protect the human body from harm during outdoor activities. We need to clean the sportswear according to the following techniques and precautions to ensure that the sportswear can maintain good performance.


Cleaning skills


(1) Before preparing to wash sportswear, it is recommended to do a pre-washing inspection of the clothes, including taking out the items in the clothes bag, finding the stains on the clothes, and dusting off the excess dust and sand on the clothes.


(2) It is also not possible to mix sportswear of the same color for washing, at least separate dark, and light clothing.


(3) Some dark sportswear with more delicate materials is recommended to be washed by hand or dry cleaned. You can refer to the washing label on the clothing for cleaning, which can better protect the clothing fibers.


(4) Soak for 20-30 minutes first. A small amount of laundry detergent can be dripped to wash away the sweat better. At the same time, the laundry detergent is easier to rinse and does not hurt your hands. If you find stains on the clothes (such as the neckline), use soap to wash the key areas.


(5) If a fabric softener is added during cleaning to soften the fiber. Although it will bring fresh fragrance to the clothing, it also reduces the perspiration, antifouling, and breathability properties of sportswear.


(6) It is best to wash sportswear in time after exercise, and it is best not to wash it overnight, as this will increase the difficulty of washing.


(7) If you are not particularly anxious, it is best not to use a machine to dry, because the clothes processed in a faster time may damage the fibers of the clothes. It is best to dry naturally and avoid prolonged exposure to avoid dye fading and yellowing of the material.




(1) Do not do any treatment on the sportswear before cleaning, which will change or destroy the fabric structure. Good quality casual sportswear generally has an anti-fouling function and does not need to go through a strong pretreatment agent for stain removal.


(2) The material of sportswear is very durable. Wash with regular cold water. Do not use fabric softener, it will change the ability of sportswear to wick away perspiration and moisture. Be careful not to use bleach, it will weaken the fiber structure of the fabric, thereby shortening the service life of sportswear.


(3) Dry by hanging, make sure that they are completely dry before putting the sportswear into the laundry basket.


(4) Be careful when drying clothes. High heat settings cannot be used, as this will change the quality of the fabric. It is best to dry naturally in the air to keep the clothes in a good shape.


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