Company 's Latest Activities

Company 's Latest Activities


The article focuses on the company's promotions for the March Shopping Festival

Did you know that there will be a shopping festival in March? If you don't know, let me introduce it to you. The event usually lasts for the whole month of March. The event will generally have free shipping to buyers, discounts and other activities, Hucai activewear will also participate in this event, Hucai activewear is committed to high quality wholesale custom sportswear, we will give you the biggest discount in this event!HERES THE POINT.Now, let's see what we have to offer!


1.Existing customers enjoys $50 off over $300 ,$80 off over $500,$200 off over $1000

2.$10 off each sample for new and existing customers

Promotion period: 1st March to 31st March

If there are any ideas, it is better to act than to be impressed!