How to create your own gym clothes series?

How to create your own gym clothes series?


This article will share the factors that need to be fully considered when choosing fitness clothes, so as to help you better create a fitness clothes series that is suitable for you.

How to create your own gym clothes series?
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The promotion of national fitness life has led more and more people to devote themselves to fitness and sports. In order to maintain a better fitness state, it is very necessary for us to create a set of fitness clothes that fit our needs. When choosing the right workout clothes for yourself, we need to fully consider each of the following factors.


Sports scene - outdoor or indoor


Nowadays, more and more young people advocate street fitness and use some outdoor tools to exercise. When choosing an outdoor fitness suit, the most important thing you should pay attention to is the climate. For example, in the hot summer, we need to choose a lightweight suit that is breathable and sweat-absorbing, so that the pores in the skin can be released. For example, in the cold winter, the fitness suits we choose need to have good thermal insulation properties.


There are also many fitness people who prefer professional fitness equipment and a good sports atmosphere, and they will choose indoor fitness-gym. At this time, the fitness clothes we choose need to have good ventilation performance, and it is better to be close to the body, which can prevent the fitness equipment from being caught because the clothes are too wide.


Sport type


Ball sports - wear corresponding sports clothes


Tennis clothes should be worn when playing tennis, and basketball clothes should be worn when playing basketball. This is because different sports have different characteristics. For example, in basketball, the upper limbs have a large range of motion. Therefore, basketball uniforms are very loose in cutting, and the neckline and cuffs are also very wide. When playing ball games in winter, generally wear long sports clothes and sports pants, and change them in time after playing the ball. Otherwise, wearing wet clothes and going out and being blown by the cold wind will lead to illness.


Mountaineering - sportswear + jeans


If you are a mountaineering enthusiast, then you should consider sportswear and jeans as the first choice when choosing clothing. The sportswear is soft, and the jeans are elastic, rough and thick, which is conducive to climbing and walking. , but also give people a combination of hardness and softness, relaxed and lively beauty.


Yoga - pure cotton yoga clothes with good breathability


If you are a yoga lover, the clothes must be breathable. Synthetic fiber as a material for yoga clothing is not only soft and breathable, but also has strong hygroscopicity and strong antibacterial ability. It is currently the most suitable material for yoga clothing.


Aerobics - elastic fitness clothing


People who like to do aerobics can choose elastic sports clothing, so that the movement is not restricted. Cotton clothing has strong sweat absorption and is suitable for wearing during sports. Some people like to wear plastic tights to exercise in order to lose weight.


In fact, this is very limited for weight loss. Plastic tights can make people sweat a lot during exercise, but the weight lost in this way is easy to rebound. In addition, this type of clothing can hinder physical activity and affect the effect of exercise.


Equipment sports - stretch vest + loose shorts


Men who like to do equipment sports should wear tight elastic vests, loose shorts, and do not tie belts. It is best to wear wrist guards and waist belts when pressing barbells.


Personal size


When choosing fitness clothes, you should choose according to your personal body shape. Height, short, fat and thin have different requirements for the choice of fitness clothes. For obese people, they will sweat a lot and lose more water during exercise and fitness. Therefore, the choice of fitness clothes should be absorbent and loose style, so as to avoid getting hotter and hotter when sweating, it can also cover the fat body.


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