How To Start Your Own Fitness Clothing Brand

How To Start Your Own Fitness Clothing Brand


The article mainly talk about how to start your own fitness clothing brand.

How To Start Your Own Fitness Clothing Brand
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In the last few years, mens gym clothes has become increasingly hot, you no longer only see only Nike Adidas doing sportswear on the internet, you will see more and more businesses starting to develop sportswear. The prospect of fitness clothing is very good, and the market is also very wide. It is very difficult to develop a new business, so below I will put together some guidelines so that you can avoid mistakes in the process of development.


1. Adequate research on the market

Before you start your own brand, it is very important to know your market. You need to know your customers well, understand their backgrounds, and identify your target audience. Finally, define your product. Is your product in the leisure category or the high-intensity sports category? You need to define your product category for your target audience.


2. Determine the design scheme of the product

A. You need to determine whether your product is loose or tight, if it is used for athletic competition or high-intensity sports, tight fit will be slightly better. If it is a casual class, loose fit will be better

B. You can print your personal brand logo on the clothes, but also can add other prints

C. You have to determine what the function of the clothes is. For example, is the clothing waterproof or quick-drying sweat-absorbing?

D. Determine the weight of the fabric. Fabric weight mainly depends on the season and weather of the target audience. The weight in summer will naturally be lighter than in winter.


3. understand the fabric of the clothes.

You have to determine the fabric of the clothes according to the goal of the clothes. Polyester is also very suitable for the production of sportswear, because polyester is the best elastic chemical fiber, so it is not easy to bind to us when exercising, and there is a superb abrasion resistance makes us fall or friction after the clothes are not easy to break, and finally, polyester clothes are easy to wash and very easy to dry. There are many fabrics used in the manufacture of sportswear, but you need to determine the fabric according to the characteristics of the clothes, it is very important to determine a good fabric.


4. Find the suitable manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of sportswear on the market and you need to find the right one for you.

A. First you need to know the production experience of the manufacturer, valuable experience can avoid many problems in the production process.

B. You can try to place an order for a sample, after receiving the sample you can find out whether the manufacturer is suitable for you.

C. Clearly understand the manufacturer's MOQ, delivery time and purchasing ability, etc. Understand these clearly whether to continue to cooperate with this manufacturer in the future has a lot of help.

D. Negotiate the price with the manufacturer. Negotiate the price with the manufacturer to reach your preferred price.


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