Advice On How To Pick The Right Cycling Clothing

Advice On How To Pick The Right Cycling Clothing


If you don't know how to pick a good cycling suit, then this article will give you some advice on how to pick a good cycling clothing.

Advice On How To Pick The Right Cycling Clothing
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Cycling has always been very popular and cycling can develop your brain because cycling is a heterolateral dominant movement that is recommended to improve the agility of the nervous system. And also can lose weight and slim, cycling is aerobic exercise, exercisers can effectively consume more energy, long-term adherence can receive significant weight loss exercise, wear a good set of cycling clothes, can greatly improve your exercise efficiency and can effectively protect your body.If you want to add a cycling clothing series to your sports brand, then the following suggestions may be helpful to you.

You need to focus on the fabric as well as the cut

Because cycling is a long time sport outdoors, your sportswear fabric is best for UV protection as well as breathable and sweat-wicking. You don't want to be wearing wet clothes while riding, and dry cycling clothes are better for exercise. In the winter time, you will need padded and thicker riding clothes. The most suitable fabrics for cycling clothes are nylon, polyester and other high-tech chemical fiber fabrics.

A good cycling suit should fit your body well and should not be loose or too tight. One-piece suits are the best choice, and usually cycling suits are designed with mesh under the armpits to enhance the heat dissipation function. The hem of the cycling suit should be tightened to avoid rubbing at the waist. Fabric splicing is very important for cycling clothing, so you should pay close attention to this when looking for a manufacturer.

Color & Size

Cycling is done outdoors, so you will encounter vehicles. Therefore cycling clothes should be chosen in brighter colors so that they can remind the vehicle drivers to stay one step away from danger.

Cycling clothes that have some stretch and fit snugly but not tightly are the most suitable. When producing cycling clothes, you should pay attention to whether the sleeves are long enough to cover the wrist area and whether the back of the clothes are long enough to cover the waist.

Choosing the right cycling pants

        The length and thickness are chosen according to the actual situation, but the pant legs should not be binding to the thighs, they can have a sense of wrapping but not a sense of pressure. The strap style is also a choice, it is more comfortable. You can also choose the underpants shape, which is more convenient.

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