Heavy Washed,New Trends In Sportswear

Heavy Washed,New Trends In Sportswear


The article mainly introduces the washing process

Heavy Washed,New Trends In Sportswear
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In the finishing process of garments, the washing process treatment is now widely used in many garments because it can get some special effects and increase the design comfort and beauty of the garments. men's fitness clothes is no exception, now more and more sportswear also use the washing process, which has also become a new trend, next I will give you an introduction to the washing process.

In the past, the washing process is generally used on denim garments, and its is the washing effect of jeans, which is favored by consumers. In addition to denim fabrics, other cotton, cotton blends, hemp, silk and other fabrics of clothing can also be washed. Similarly, sportswear can also be washed.

1.Common washing

Refers to ordinary washing with industrial washing machine, the main purpose is to clean and soft. Washing with washing powder and other additives, at a temperature of 50-80 ℃, after washing for a certain time, over water with softener, you can make the fabric soft, comfortable, natural and clean.

2.Stone Washing

  Originally a treatment for coarse twill fabrics used in the manufacture of denim and sports coats. It has been extended to other fabrics; it is used to produce a special " aged " effect.Stone washing is generally done after desizing. When washing, a certain amount of pumice is added to the washing machine, and the water level in the machine is sufficient for the clothes to be completely soaked, so that the pumice can be in good contact with the clothes. Before the stone washing can be general washing or rinsing, but also after the stone washing can be rinsed.After washing, the cloth surface shows a natural sense of ageing, and the clothing is slightly to heavily torn in places.

3.Snow Washing

         The dry pumice is soaked with potassium permanganate solution, and then polished directly with the clothes in the special cylinder, through the pumice polished on the clothes, so that the potassium permanganate oxidizes the friction points, so that the cloth surface is irregularly faded, forming white spots similar to snowflakes.

         The above mentioned processes are only a few of the washing processes, there are more process related information you can ask us. Washed sportswear can be worn not only for sports, but also for daily wear, which looks very fashionable. If your sportswear collection does not yet use the washing process, we have been producing a series of washed sportswear. We are very experienced in production and our technology is quite mature. The washing process is complex and has many parameters, so you need to do a small sample wash before production to determine the best washing process. The washing effect can bring more additional effects to the garment, but at the same time it requires a lot of effort, so it is important to leave enough time for the washing process.Contact us to customize your washed sportswear!For more information,Please contact us for more information

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