The Development Trend of Functional Men's Sportswear

The Development Trend of Functional Men's Sportswear


The following describes the fabric characteristics and development trends of functional men's sportswear.

The Development Trend of Functional Men's Sportswear
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With the popularization of sports concepts and the development of new technologies and technologies, consumers have higher technical and functional requirements for sports clothing and outdoor clothing. Functionality and comfort. The breakthrough of functional fabrics has promoted the development of functional sportswear.

In the 21st century, sportswear will integrate functionality and fashion to protect health. Functional sportswear with high-tech performance is an inevitable trend in the development of sportswear.


Functional men's sportswear features

Functional sportswear refers to sportswear made of fabrics with certain special properties and uses, which are mainly obtained through high-tech production of raw materials and high-tech printing and dyeing finishing, among which raw materials are particularly critical.

The main features of functional men's sportswear are: easy to care for, with anti-ultraviolet, antibacterial and deodorant, anti-static, anti-radiation, anti-oil dust, flame retardant, health care and other functions. It is not only practical, but also closely related to health. Therefore it is widely welcomed.


What are the characteristics of functional men's sportswear?

Waterproof and breathable

Waterproof and breathable sportswear is used to protect the body from environmental factors such as wind and rain to retain body heat, it prevents the passage of liquid water but allows the passage of gaseous water.

The basic idea of the design of this type of sportswear comes from the fact that the water droplets of rain, fog and snow cannot pass through the fabric to contact the human body, and the gaseous sweat discharged from the human skin can be discharged through the sportswear, so that the sportswear has very good waterproofness. , and comfortable to wear without feeling stuffy.


The type of moisture permeability of this type of sportswear belongs to the natural diffusion of pores between the yarns. Sportswear made of high-density fabrics is widely used in sports and outdoor sportswear because of its lightness and durability, good moisture permeability, softness, good drape and wind resistance.

The main disadvantage is the poor water resistance, because of the high density of the fabric, the poor tear performance of sportswear, the spinning must be specially treated, the production cost is high, and the processing is difficult.

Moisture absorption and quick drying

After strenuous exercise, the moisture control performance of sportswear is the main factor affecting human comfort, and good sportswear for heat and humidity control should have the function of absorbing and wicking sweat and drying quickly.

Due to the high temperature and humidity of the sweating skin, the friction between the sweating skin and the fabric is relatively large, and it is an ideal way to rely on the wicking effect in the sportswear fabric to discharge water.


In fact, the hygroscopic performance of synthetic fibers is lower than that of cotton, the weight after moisture absorption is less than that of cotton, and the synthetic fibers have the advantages of fast drying and good shape retention, so the latest sportswear textile materials still tend to rely on the capillary effect of fibers to discharge moisture and quickly dry.


Temperature control

In cold climates, thermal insulation is important for sportswear used for outdoor work. Today, many thermal types of sportswear fabrics and padding used in sportswear have superior properties to natural fiber materials.

For example, thermolite fiber is a hollow fiber produced by imitating the thermal insulation characteristics of polar bear down, and it is a filling material with good thermal insulation. Each fiber contains more air, creating an air shield that keeps cold air out and moisture out, keeping the wearer's body warm, dry, comfortable, and light.


Development trend


The design concept of sportswear is constantly developing. The global attention to environmental issues and the panic of the energy crisis have also attracted the attention of sportswear developers. In the design of sportswear, from the perspective of recycling to improve the wearing comfort of clothing, to promote the recycling of materials used or biodegradable, or to minimize the chemical pollution caused by the dyeing of fabrics and post-processing processes, all of which are harmful to the environment. Protection is practical.


Some outdoor sports brands have pioneered the design concept of environmental sustainability. While seeking a balance between clothing comfort and design functionality, they also incorporate environmental protection as an important concept. In line with this design concept, a large number of new materials, which are recyclable, renewable and environmentally friendly, are used in the selection of sportswear materials.


Such design concepts and products are currently well received in the European and American markets. Although their prices are higher than ordinary sportswear products, people pay more attention to the additional functions of environmental protection and choose this type of clothing, which will also be the future sportswear. a major trend in development.

The design of sports clothing should adhere to the principle of "people-oriented", with its comfort as the primary goal, supplemented by high-tech to improve clothing performance. The development of science and technology will also boost sports clothing to a higher level, and realize the transformation from people-adapted clothing to clothing serving sports. Looking forward to the future, more high-tech functional fabrics will be put into the production of sportswear, contributing to the sports cause.


The above introduces the development trend of men's functional sportswear. If you are planning to buy sportswear,Please contact us for more information


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