Do you know what are the washing processes of garments?

Do you know what are the washing processes of garments?


There are many different technology of making a garment. Do you know the washing processes of making garments? This article will tell you.

Do you know what are the washing processes of garments?
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As a sportswear brand owner, it is a very important thing to know the process of making a garment. If you know these contents, then you can easily respond to the questions raised by customers, which will make you more professional and favored by more customers. Hucai has compiled for you this time about the washing process of making sportswear. Let's take a look at it before.


What is the washing process?

It refers to the semi-finished garments by some manual treatment and mechanical washing, using some washing solvents to make the garments achieve size stability and soft touch as well as special color and texture effects.


What are the types of washing?

Normal Washing

It refers to ordinary washing with industrial washing machines, the main purpose of which is cleaning. The washing is done by adding auxiliaries such as laundry, and after a while, over water and softener, which can make the fabric soft, comfortable, natural and clean.



It is after ordinary washing over water, raise the temperature to 60℃, and add the right amount of bleach water to bleach for a certain time according to the shade of bleach color.


Stone washing

When washing in the washing machine to add a certain amount of pumice, the water level in the machine to clothing completely soaked can be, so that the pumice can be well contact with the clothing. After washing, the cloth surface shows a natural aged feeling, and the clothes are slightly to heavily torn locally.


Sand washing

An industrial washing machine is used, combined with some alkaline and oxidizing additives, to make the clothes have a certain fading effect and old feeling after washing.


Enzyme Washing

It can decompose the fiber at a certain pH and temperature, so that the cloth can fade and de-lint more gently and get a lasting soft effect. Compared with stone washing, enzyme washing can make the fabric get reduced effect and permanent soft hand feeling; it can also improve the fabric drape and luster; the pattern washed out is delicate and not gray.


Snowflake Washing

It is similar to dry cleaning, and it is named after the garment where the whiteness of the garment is like a large snowflake covering the garment, and it is also carried out by "frying machine".


Resin creasing

The purpose of this process is to form a specific wrinkle that lasts, and to express its unique style by matching the process of polishing, sandblasting and hand-rubbing.


Destruction Washing

After the garment has been treated with pumice polishing and auxiliaries, a certain degree of breakage is produced in certain parts, and the garment will have a more obvious residual effect after washing.


With the above information, I guess you have a preliminary understanding of the washing process. If you want to know other information about the type of garment-making process, you can send us your needs.


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