Do You Know What is The Hottest Clothing Fabric in The World Now?

Do You Know What is The Hottest Clothing Fabric in The World Now?


Do You Know What is The Hottest Clothing Fabric in The World Now?

Do You Know What is The Hottest Clothing Fabric in The World Now?
The Hottes Fabric

Do you know what the world's hottest clothing fabric is now? This article today will introduce you to the world's popular clothing fabric - organic cotton.


Many people know that cotton covers 2.5% of the world's arable land, using 16% of the world's share of chemical insecticides, more than any one crop. Eight of the 15 commonly used insecticides are rated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as possible or definite human carcinogenic culprits.


But cotton and people's daily life is indispensable, so humans began to grow organic cotton trend.


So what is so popular organic cotton fabric?


Organic cotton is one of the most natural fabrics. It is based on organic fertilizers, biological control of pests and diseases, and natural farming management, and does not allow the use of chemicals, from seeds to agricultural products all-natural and non-polluting cotton.

Countries or WTO / FAO issued the "agricultural safety quality standards" as a measure, cotton in pesticides, heavy metals, nitrates, harmful organisms (including microorganisms, parasitic eggs, etc.), and other toxic and harmful substances content controlled within the limits set by the standard, organic cotton can be certified.


In the production process, not only the need to cultivate cotton light, heat, water, soil, and other necessary conditions, but also the arable soil environment, irrigation water quality, air environment and other cleanliness have specific requirements.


From an ecological point of view, organic cotton cultivation is more energy and water-efficient than conventional cotton.


Therefore, organic cotton production is an important part of sustainable agriculture. It is important to protect the ecological environment, promote the development of human health, and meet the demand for green and ecological clothing consumption.


This organic fabric is most suitable for the production of casual T-shirts we wear every day, so what are the benefits of using organic cotton made for T Shirts?


1. Organic cotton T-shirts are natural pollution-free, organic and harmless, and can protect the environment.


2. Organic cotton T-shirts are soft to the touch, so that people who wear them can have a close feeling of nature.


3. Organic cotton T-shirts are breathable, can quickly absorb moisture and sweat, and will not make the skin a sticky feeling.


4. Organic cotton T-shirt is very comfortable, has no irritation, and will not damage the skin.


In general, organic cotton is a very suitable fabric for casual clothing production, is a very competitive and strong fabric, which is one of the fabrics that it can stand out in many fabrics and receive most people's favorite fabrics./


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