Hucai's September Sourcing Festival Kick-off Meeting

Hucai's September Sourcing Festival Kick-off Meeting


Hucai's September Sourcing Festival Kick-off Meeting

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At the end of August, Tiger Cai held a kick-off meeting for the Procurement Festival outdoors.

Firstly, it was hosted by our CEO, who introduced our company's development history. Encouraged everyone to build up the group.

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Then we all set goals together.

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Finally, it was a pledge together to work together to reach the goal.

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As a sportswear manufacturer with a wealth of experience, Hucai hcactivewear not only requires its employees to be meticulous, professional and patient in their work, but also promotes relationships among colleagues in life. We are not just colleagues at work, we are family at Tiger Controls.


When you choose a quality sportswear manufacturer, you should first get to know the company. Only a company that is developing in a healthy way can maintain a stable relationship with you. Hucai has been established for over 20 years, so compared to new companies, Hucai is definitely a good and stable supplier. If you want to know more about us, Please contact us for more information

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