Global Men's sportswear Spring/Summer Market Trends 2023

Global Men's sportswear Spring/Summer Market Trends 2023


With fashion style sports as the mainstream, spring and summer 2023 sports and leisure trend prediction: delicate, natural and pure beauty first.

Global Men's sportswear Spring/Summer Market Trends 2023

Global Men's sportswear Spring/Summer Market Trends 2023 


The return of sports in recent years has given fashion a new twist. The diversification of lifestyle also continues to promote the development of sportswear, market segments are concerned. In the sportswear market in 2022, the menswear market performed exceptionally well, with the overall share of sportswear in the US menswear market rising to 25%, an increase of 3 percentage points compared to the same period in 2021. Its share in the UK has fallen, but it still accounts for 19% of menswear.


It can be seen that sportswear is increasingly becoming the mainstream of men's wear, and more and more male consumers need clothes suitable for leisure and home, which also drives more and more brands, Internet celebrities and fitness bloggers to design and customize men's sportswear to further segment the market.


Here's a look back at the 2022 spring/summer men's sportswear market, and an outlook for the spring/summer 2023 market.


1. Shorts and jackets are on the rise in the category


Shorts' share of the product has grown with demand, and in the United States, full-price shorts have gone out of stock by 4 percent. Jackets were the fastest growing category in the luxury clothing market, up 43 per cent in the UK and 28 per cent in the US. The retail clothing market grew by 15% in Britain and 93% in America. Both have increased and the magnitude is relatively large.


2. Blue has replaced black as the most common color in men's sportswear


Black has always been the most significance of color in men's sportswear, despite the rise of along with the other color concept, travel, music festival, summer activities also promote the continuous development of the celebration of color, bright color also gradually used in men's sportswear, but neutral colors are still accounts for most of men's sportswear, in the United States, the blue color of the share in year-on-year growth, and more than black. In the UK, blue and black have a similar share of the market, with black only 3% ahead of blue.


3. More careful classification of clothing categories


Men's sportswear is not only a product that can be worn in sports scenes. Sportsmen increasingly require the combination of leisure and sports, which leads to the emergence of multi-scene clothing suitable for more scenes. For example, under the outdoor leisure category, people are particularly fond of overalls. The number of new overalls in the ecommerce market is up 50 per cent in the UK and 92 per cent in the US. It grew 48% in mass-market Britain and 113% in America. There was year-over-year growth in the sweatpants category, reflecting the growing acceptance of the category, as well as the emergence of a special category for cargo pants.


Now consumers pay more attention to sensory experience, the spring and autumn market in 2023 has some new concerns. With fashion style sports as the mainstream, spring and summer 2023 sports and leisure trend prediction: delicate, natural and pure beauty first.


1. Wide application of technical fabrics, emphasizing functionality


As the temperature fluctuation and rising energy costs, heat regulating clothing for consumers will become more important, especially in sports clothes are common, 57% of sportswear is described as with moisture absorption sweat properties (including coat accounting for 55% of the moisture absorption perspiration preference), 63% of the waterproof design in sportswear, has also been widely the preference of the sports fans.


2. The color tends to be bright, and the market is young and requires bright colors


Fantasy and reality strike a delicate balance this spring and summer as consumers occasionally need to escape reality. Focusing on health, wellness and optimism, color will become a key way to drive these emotions. Divided into two hues, one is bold and super-saturated, and the soft hues with inside-out texture, both see more expressive colors presented.


3. Fashion and sports styles require multi-pattern printing elements


The symbiotic relationship between fashion and sports style is getting closer and closer. Drawing on the popular aesthetic trend, printing has become the most indispensable fashion element in men's sportswear. Printing with different patterns makes each item stand out. The use of patterns and prints suitable for the brand concept, or the use of interesting slogans to assist the design, will make consumers more experience the brand concept.


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