MAGIC SHOW, we had a good trip!

MAGIC SHOW, we had a good trip!


MAGIC SHOW, our exhibition harvest, see you next time!

MAGIC SHOW, we had a good trip!

Hey, we are glad to share with you what we have gained from this exhibition. We attended the MAGIC SHOW at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 12 to 15, 2023, and now the show has come to a close. All in all it was a very perfect journey to the show.

We have prepared well for this show, HUCAI's latest design and production of men's sportswear, and we have been preparing for it since November 2022, researching and discussing the men's fitness and sportswear series. The aim is to make the most satisfactory, fashionable and practical men's sportswear. We have put together a total of nearly 100 sets of sportswear to bring to the exhibition, and finally also received unanimous praise from the guests, and also received a lot of intention orders from the guests.

Our pre-show preparation site.

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Our show sourcing site.

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Our group photo with guests.

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After the show, we also visited our customer. Austin said: "We have been a stable partner with Hucai, and Hucai has always satisfied him, no matter it is the quality of the products or the recommendation of the new models, and the logistics time is never disappointing. Whether it's the quality of the products or the recommendation of the new models, the logistics time has never let me down, all of them make me get a very high value gain.

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Juan, CEO of Hucai, said it is a great honor to cooperate with our loyal customers, and it is thanks to the trust of these customers that Hucai can do better and better, and we are always going to persist in the long run to make better services for our customers. Finally, Yuan said that this exhibition brings us a clearer development plan, product development to further integrate the needs of our customers, and also gives us an opportunity to have a face-to-face formal chat with our customers, which is a very good harvest trip.

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If you are also interested in Hucai, we will have a chance to meet you in your local city in the coming exhibitions, so please contact us for more inquiries!

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