What is the process of making clothes for sportswear suppliers?

What is the process of making clothes for sportswear suppliers?


Be prepared to learn everything you can about the supplier making sportswear, the steps involved in production:

What is the process of making clothes for sportswear suppliers?
What is the process of making clothes for sportswear suppliers?

The process of making clothes starts with the design. First of all, you need to determine the style, pattern and color of the clothes. It can be the case that the sportswear brand has its own design, and when the brand sends the clothes, the supplier will discuss the details with the customer. There is also a situation where the brand does not have its own design yet, and this is when the supplier needs to provide design services. A supplier that can provide design services will greatly reduce the design costs for the brand.

2. Model making

All garments are made by the pattern maker according to the design and technical table of the garment. But now, it can be done by a machine that does all the work by itself. A pattern is a piece of hard paper on which you can sketch or draw different parts of the garment according to the standard body size. It is often referred to as a basic block or block pattern.

After making the perfect pattern, a full sample of the garment is made to show that it meets the buyer's needs. If the sample meets the needs of the buyer and is approved by the buyer, it is called an "approved sample". The purpose of making a perfect sample is to see if the detailed instructions for making the entire garment are correct.

4. Production planning

Once the sample is approved by the customer, we start to send out the purchase request for the big shipment. When making the production plan, additional measurements are added to the exact or actual measurements according to the actual requirements of the customer to ensure the smooth production of the big shipment.

5. Marker production

Marker is a thin piece of paper with each part of the garment written on it. Making markers makes the cutting process smoother and facilitates cutting the fabric into the desired shape and size according to the design.

6. Unfolding the fabric

One of the most important steps in making a garment is laying out the fabric. In the process of laying out the fabric, certain rules are followed. After a process called "fabric loosening", it is completed. It helps prevent the fabric from being stretched at different stages and stops it from shrinking. To cut the fabric correctly, it is spread out on a long table. 

7. Cutting the fabric

Markers need to be used to cut the fabric. This is the most important thing that must be done in the cutting room. Once the fabric is cut, it cannot be retrieved. If the cutting goes wrong, it will affect the sewing. It can be a manual or computer-run system. An automatic cutting machine will speed up the cutting time and will be more accurate, detailed to the millimeter blade to cut.

8. Sewing

All the cut fabric is joined together by sewing is sewing. Sewing the parts of the garment together, including cuffs, collars, pockets, waistbands, etc. It also includes adding laces, buttons, zippers and other decorative items to the sportswear to add beauty.

9. Garment inspection

The final inspection of sportswear is an important part of QC, which represents quality control. The best garment factories are shown by the best QC results. After the clothes are finished, they are inspected to see what went wrong. HUCAI will do a 5-step QC inspection, QC is the most complicated part because the inspection can determine the quality of a garment.

10. Stain removal, ironing and finishing 

Use QCS and labels to find production defects. Wash the garment in places with hot water, steam or chemicals that remove stains. Iron the finished garments to make the surface flat and smooth.

11. Garment packing

It also means packing the clothes. If the buyer here requests the use of custom plastic bags for packaging, HUCAI can support custom bags, and finally the finished clothes are packed and ready to be shipped to the customer.

12 .Shipping

After the clothes are packed, treatment will be done to prevent damage. You can choose sea, express or air transportation according to your requirements, HUCAI supports all of them, and we provide one-stop door-to-door logistics and transportation services.

The above is the main process of making clothes, each step of which requires delicacy, patience and skill. HUCAI is a professional sportswear supplier with more than 20 years of production history, and we are able to provide the most complete support to our customers, from product design to manufacturing, and from logistics to after-sales service. Contact us and you will get the best quality sportswear and service!

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