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Can I print my brand logo on the clothes?

Title Q: Can I print my brand logo on the clothes?A: Of course you can, we support a custom service. However, before printing you will need to provide a pdf file of your logo, the higher the resolution of the logo the better.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

How much is the sample shipping cost?

A: How much is the sample shipping cost?B: Our samples are mainly delivered by DHL, the price varies according to the DHL region and there are additional fuel charges.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

Can I get a refund for my sample fee?

A:If i order a bulk order,can I get a refund for my sample fee?B:The sample fee is refundable, but is only valid in the following case The sample fee is not refundable if the number of orders is less than 300 pieces  If the number of orders is higher than 300 pieces, one sample fee can be refunded.  For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

I submitted an inquiry on this website, when will I get a reply?

A:I submitted an inquiry on this site, when will I get a reply?B:We receive many inquiry emails a day, we usually reply you within 1-2 working days, if you still haven't got a reply after this time, you can contact us via whatsapp and we will reply you as soon as possible! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

Information About Size

The following information about size you may need to know 1. Our company has been engaged in foreign trade clothing for more than 20 years, the pattern and size are very mature. So you can rest assured that you can trust us, when you receive the sample, if there is a request for size is a one-time adjustment in place.2. Before you provide the size, it is best to confirm whether it is the human body size or the sample size, as far as possible to provide the source of the size, whether the size is mature and reliable.3. Before placing an order, be sure to confirm the process or effect you want If you still have doubts about the size, you are welcome to contact us at any time and we will give you the best solution! For more information, please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395 

Information About Sample Fee

SAMPLE FEE Before you place a sample order, you may have doubts about the cost of the sample, and we will talk about the cost of the sample  A. Simple undershirt, T-shirt (no patchwork, one fabric): 50 USD  B. Jacket: 80 USD  C. Vest, T-shirt, bra, sweatshirt and pants except A and B: USD 70Note: If digital printing is included, an additional 10 USD will be added to the above price.For more details, you can contact us! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395


Title 1. What is HC activewear’s MOQ?100 pcs, mixed with 1 color and 4 sizes to meet the needs of more new and old customers and combine our own production. 2. How is MOQ calculated?A. According to the amount of fabric used in different clothes, a roll of cloth can make about 80-100 pieces.B.Production costs. The machine can be processed in large quantities at one time. No matter how much it is, the operating cost of the machine is the same.Therefore,the lower the quantity, the higher the unit price of the product.For more information,please contact us! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

What is the best fabric to use for football jerseys?

During the process of customizing football jerseys, you may encounter questions such as what is the best fabric to use? Then I will give you the answer.A:Polyester is the most suitable fabric for making football jerseysPolyester fabric has high strength and elastic recovery ability, so it is firm and durable, wrinkle-resistant and iron-free.Good color fastness, not easy to fadeIt is extremely easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength hardly decreases, does not deform, and has good washable performance. FOR MORE INFORMATION,PLEASE CONTACT US! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

What Should You Keep In Mind When Customizing Wholesale Gym Clothes?

What Should You Keep In Mind When Customizing Wholesale Gym Clothes? What are some things you should keep in mind when choosing wholesale activewear or custom workout clothes? Hucai activewear gives you some tips, hope it can help you. First, make an informed choice when choosing your fabric—synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, spandex, or lycra help cool your body by absorbing sweat while you work out, while cotton fabrics are best for light workouts like walking or stretching. Never wear clothing made of rubber or plastic, as they prevent sweat from evaporating, which can keep you from overheating while exercising. Then, choose loose-fitting workout clothes or fitted workout clothes based on your body shape and preferences. Then, of course, you can choose from a variety of colors to suit your different moods. Otherwise, always opt for shorts when cycling or running on the treadmill, as it won't interfere with your workout like long pants or sweatpants. Also, it's important to wear a well-fitting and supportive sports bra to protect yourself from injury. Are you a business owner in desperate need of stylish workout clothes? Want to create your own gym wear, get in touch with Hucai, one of the most popular activewear manufacturers in China, and discover a surprise! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395 Custom Wholesale Gym Female Yoga Sport Bra Suit China Manufacturer 1.OEM & ODM services2.For more details ,contact us Wholesale Fitness Gymwear Hoodie Men China Manufacturers 1.Low MOQ 200 PCS2.Private label services Sexy Style Wholesale Gym Clothes Fitness Sport Bra Suit China Manufacturer 1.High quality2.Factory prices

How To Create Basketball Jerseys For Your Team

How To Create Basketball Jerseys For Your Team You can create some of the latest designs where your ideas come to life like typographic quotes, initials, team names, numbers and many more ideas. Not just basketball jerseys, you can also customize basketball jerseys to keep up with the latest trends. If not custom, you can get a range of on-trend designs in bright shades of red and black, neon piping in white or black, and more to confuse you. Want to know more about trends in stylish custom basketball apparel? Get in touch with basketball jersey manufacturer Hc activewear and customize your basketball jersey according to the latest fashion trends by combining exciting designs and colors. Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

Why Choose Hucai Activewear As Your Private Label Activewear Manufacturer?

Why Choose Hucai Activewear As Your Private Label Activewear Manufacturer? Hucai has a team of passionate and talented designers with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and facilities. We have the advantage to provide you with one-stop OEM/ODM private label fitness clothing. The main products are: sports bra, tank tops, T shirts, hoodies, leggings, shorts, sweatpants, tennis dress, soccer apparel and so on.Accessories and Labeling Options: Custom wash labels, tagging, tapes, and more, we're happy to develop these for you. We, Hc activewear are recognized as the industry leading manufacturer of fitness clothing. We provide complete OEM/ODM service. We are a wholesale activewear industry and trade manufacturer. With a very professional sales team, we can provide good pre-sales and after-sales services. We work with brands all over the world, some of which have been around for years and some are just getting started. If you want to know more details, please contact us, we will determine the cooperation method according to your specific needs. Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

Are There Any Recommended Wholesale Manufacturers Of Custom Cycling Apparel?

Are There Any Recommended Wholesale Manufacturers Of Custom Cycling Apparel? This is our Hucai activewear . We are an experienced gym wear manufacturer that can design and produce cycling wear, running wear, yoga wear, and all other sports apparel for small companies, organizations, clubs, teams, schools, and online or offline stores. Hucai also supports fitness apparel customization, mass production and global shipping. If you are looking for a bulk cycling apparel manufacturer, Hc activewear is one of your best choices in China. We not only offer you custom cycling jerseys, but also personalised cycling shorts with a MOQ of 200 pcs. Additionally, we support logo design, logo printing, specialty label design and label manufacturing. That said, we can help you create your own cycling apparel brand. To learn more, please contact us. Our cycling apparel can be suitable for individuals, clubs, teams, or groups, and we will customize cycling jerseys and other workout clothes for you at the right wholesale price because we make them in our own factory! Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

Hucai Activewear Men's Workout Wear New Teaser

Hucai Activewear Men's Workout Wear New Teaser Hey guys! We're about to launch a new line of men's workout wear to keep you entertained from your rep to your day off. Expect! To see more of the series ahead of launch, keep an eye on the Hucai activewear Website. Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395

What Fabric Do You Usually Use And What Are Their Components?

What Fabric Do You Usually Use And What Are Their Components? The following is a guide to gym clothes commonly used in Hc activewear:polyester/spandex, nylon/spandex, polyester/nylon/spandex, 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, cotton/polyester/spandex etc. 73% Polyester 27% Spandex for Digital Printing Clothing. 86% Nylon 14% Spandex for yoga pants, leggings, featuring cottony soft. 45% Polyester 43% Nylon 12% Spandex for sports bra, gym leggings, yoga hoodie. 100% Cotton, 65% Cotton 35% Polyester, 95% Cotton 5% Polyester, 65% Cotton 30% Polyester 5% Spandex for fitness t-shirt, sport tank top. Among them, 95% Cotton 5% Polyester and 65% Cotton 30% Polyester 5% Spandex are elastic. Are you interested in investing in gym clothing? Contact the most popular small quality activewear manufacturer Hucai, and view the manufacturer's fashion clothing collections in the catalog. You will find surprises. Contact information:E-mail: admin@hcsportswear.com+8613602338395