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Is there a catalog for us to choose

The height of a factory lies in its ability to innovate. As a professional sportswear manufacturer in China, Hucai sportswear will develop 10-15 new designs every month, and will refer to well-known brands such as lululemon, beyond Yoga, and nike.Our factory has a professional sportswear design team, they are responsible for buying new samples of famous sportswear brands from Hong Kong or exhibitions. The main thing is that they will check their fabrics and try to find similar fabrics from the market. Of course, they will make some changes to their design to create our new design. In this way, we can always provide the latest designs for our customers to choose from.

How Do You Deliver The Goods?

1. How do you ship?We can deliver bulk cargo by air, sea or express, such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.2. How long does it take?The shipping time depends on the shipping method. Usually we ship by express, within 5 days.

What Are The Benefits Of Cooperating With Your Factory?

If you entrust us to develop and produce your product, you will be guided by a team of experts with many years of professional knowledge and experience. We will be responsible for everything (raw material procurement, plate making, proofing, logistics, production quantity calculation, etc.). You will be guided to obtain the best cost-effective and quality solution in the shortest possible time. This allows you to focus on other areas of your business, such as developing your brand by focusing your time on leadership, marketing, public relations, and sales.

What Fabrics Do You Generally Use To Produce Sportswear?

What Fabrics Do You Generally Use To Produce Sportswear? When we produce sportswear, we use a variety of materials, depending on the type and use of the clothing, from cotton to polyester, as well as our characteristic magical fabrics, etc. We have a zero-compromise policy on product quality. Therefore, all of our garments are made with superior quality faces, providing ultra-comfortable touch and maximum practical value.

How can we ensure the fastest project time possible

In order to ensure the rapid production progress of sportswear, we must provide the following three elements:1) Finish the sample and inspection of sportswear first2) Complete sportswear order3) 40% deposit for fitness clothing wholesale (must be paid before mass production of sportswear, then we can arrange production site for you)

What payment methods do we provide?

TT/Western Union/Paypal/Money Garm/LC/Alibaba Trade Assurance

What customized services can we provide?

As a wholesaler of sportswear integrating industry and trade, we provide sportswear Customization: sportswear fabric, private brand logo, sportswear style, color, sportswear size, sportswear brand label, sportswear outer packaging, built-in greeting card, etc.

How much is our sample cost

The cost of developing custom samples of sportswear depends on the fabric, process, the number of logo colors and the size of the logo you use. The average sample price is about $70.For example: Yoga Pants customization, monochrome fabric, monochrome logo, logo with heat transfer process, logo length and width 4cm * 4cm, sample development cost is $50.So the sample development fee depends on your customized conditions, and the price will be very reasonable. Of course, our excellent sales staff will provide you with more professional advice. Please contact our sales staff for details.(when you use customized sportswear samples for mass production up to 300 pieces, the sample fee will be returned in full)

What products do we mainly provide?

We offer custom fitness clothing wholesale. The main products are: sports bra wholesale, yoga leggings wholesale, gym vest wholesale, fitness suit wholesale, biker shorts wholesale, running clothing wholesale, sports jacket wholesale,  workout hoodie wholesale, etc.

Do we have brand custom fitness clothing design capabilities?

We have an independent and professional sportswear design team. The team consists of five sportswear designers, an experienced sportswear design director, two professional sportswear designers and two assistant sportswear designers, and a sample team of more than 20 people. So please rest assured that our company has strong gym wear design ability, and our sportswear designer team is enough to design and develop styles for your sportswear brand.

How about our fitness clothing manufacturing capacity

Our company is a athletic clothes wholesale manufacturer from Humen Town, Dongguan City, China. It relies on Humen's clothing manufacturing resources and has sufficient raw materials for gym wear production. And our company has about 100-200 employees, of which two-thirds of the workout clothing manufacturing workers can produce 30,000 to 50,000 sportswear per day, which shows that our production capacity is very strong. And our various automated machines cooperate in manufacturing sportswear.

How do we control quality

Each finished sportswear will be inspected three times by QC before shipment.

What about our company

Our Hucai fitness clothing wholesale company was established in 1998 and has been specialized in manufacturing sportswear for more than 20 years. Has extensive experience in activewear clothing manufacturers, and has a very strong sportswear production and wholesale active clothing sales team.

Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a gym wear manufacturers wholesale company integrating industry and trade. We have a production team composed of more than 100 workers, a professional designer team and a sales team. Professional design of sportswear, manufacturing wholesale gym clothes and wholesale athletic apparel has 20 years of experience.